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Carbide Cutting Tools

Blades for metal cutting also can be called Coil Slitter blade.Is special cutting instrument which utilizes abrasive powders and high speed, vibratory motion to cut discs, holes, cylinders,brittle materials.
  • Tungsten Carbide CNC Milling Inserts
    Tungsten Carbide CNC Milling Inserts
    This carbide grout removal blade is ideal for reworking hardwood flooring, cutting, trimming and other grinding projects. The edge of the triangle makes it easy to grind in corners or narrow areas where other blades cannot reach.
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  • Blade for Battery Industry
    Blade for Battery Industry
    The carbide tip cirular saw blade is used in battery industry.The series of high-precision ctting blades has very high consistency and wear resistance.
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  • CNC Milling Blade
    CNC Milling Blade
    Product Description CNC tools are tools used for cutting processing in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tools. A wide range of cutting tools include both cutting tools and abrasives, while "CNC tools" include accessories such as tool holders and tool...
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  • Tungsten Steel Blade
    Tungsten Steel Blade
    Place of Origin: Hunan, China
    Material: Tungsten Carbide
    Size: 57x19x0.4mm
    Advantage: Long Lifespan
    Hardness: HRA87 - HRA93
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  • Carbide Saw Blade
    Carbide Saw Blade
    Specifications: 140*1.6/1.1*35*24T
    Functional purposes: Wood multi - blade saw
    Product name: Carbide saw blade
    Advantage: Wear Resistant Superior
    material: carbide
    Usage: Carbide tipped woodworking Saw
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  • Tungsten Carbide Leather Blade
    Tungsten Carbide Leather Blade
    Product details Features *Superior Tungsten Carbide *Excellent sharpness and durability *Extended shelf-life packaging. *Full range of specifications and sizes. *Small quantity is available . Company Profile Zhuzhou Anyue Cemented Carbide Co.Ltd. is located in Zhuzhou City,...
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  • Tungsten Carbide Cutting Knife
    Tungsten Carbide Cutting Knife
    Tungsten carbide glass cutting knife Product description Tungsten carbide tile knife is simpler and faster to operate than traditional cutting knife. It's environmental protection and no noise pollution. Optional titanium plating. Surface is smooth without scratches,...
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  • CNC Carving Knife
    CNC Carving Knife
    Product name: CNC carving knife
    Material: Diamond, Metal
    Precision: High precision
    Type: Carving Knife
    Working condition: Stability
    Application: Cast iron, hard alloy, concrete, stone, ceramic, glass etc
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  • Carbide Cutting Saw Blade
    Carbide Cutting Saw Blade
    Material: Hard Alloy
    Size: Standard
    Color: Black
    Precision: High precision
    Coating: Tungsten Carbide
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  • Shredder blade
    Shredder blade
    Product name: Twin-shaft shredder blades
    Material: 6CrW2Si/42CrMo/SKD-11/H13/H13k/D2/DC53/LD/Cr12MoV
    Distinction: Strict material selection, advanced technology, high precision, high wear resistance
    Application: Industrial raw material waste from...
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  • PCD Cutting Inserts
    PCD Cutting Inserts
    Product name: PDC cutting inserts
    Material: Polycrystalline diamond
    Application: PCD is widely used in the processing of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy and their alloys; and non-metallic materials such as wood, laminate flooring,...
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  • Melt Blown Cloth Slitting Blade
    Melt Blown Cloth Slitting Blade
    Meltblown Fabric Cutting Blades Product description 1. Use high quality domestic and foreign steel, with advanced heat treatment process, the performance and tolerance of each batch of blades are guaranteed to be within the international range 2. Sharp edge, no burr on the...
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